At your Malbec and call

…Spring almost upon us,
Winter slowly fading.
These Malbecs are bomb-diggity
-each with high ratings.

So pay us a visit
On this lovely Friday’s eve
and drink samples of vino-
you won’t want to leave….

Denver’s Station 26 to the Rescue!

Juicy Banger: a fruit forward IPA with assertive, juicy hop character. Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Centennial, and Apollo hops, ours has a huge hop presence. Dank with notes of apricot, papaya, citrus, and a touch of pine….

Low 60’s with Malbecs Betwixt Me

Malbec’s a grape grown in Argentina,
Planted for the adulthoods of niños y niñas,
A French botanist there knew it would thrive,
and now their world percentage share is up to 75.

A magenta rim will give this grape away,
Notes of Cocoa, Pepper, and Tobacco in its bouquet.
Heavier than Pinot and usually lighter than Cab,
We have plenty to try and deem which are Fab.

So please join us for Week 2 of the madness,
We’ll fill your tasters up with ounces of gladness.
Soon you’ll be singing like you’re in Mendoza,
And we’ll kindly ask you to regain your composure.