UPSLOPE March 2016

$7.81 per 6-pack

Are you in the mood for a wee bit of me gold? No not gold coins lads and lasses, Liquid Gold! You know as in beer the golden elixir.

Here in the beer department at Pettyjohn’s you will feel like you found the end of the rainbow. We have a wonderful selection of your favorite craft beers from all over Colorado and the rest of country and keep adding as many new and exciting offerings that our already stuffed coolers can handle. Our spotlight brewery for the month of March is Upslope Brewing straight from Boulder. It must be your lucky month with core six packs on sale for $7.81 Including the Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale and Craft Lager. Core twelve packs are also on deal at $15.62 as well as the Mixed twelve packs for $17.46.

Upslope Brewing began with a home brewer named Matt, who had a lifelong dream of crafting premium beer for an active lifestyle. Then Matt met Danny who owned the world’s southernmost brewery located in Ushaia, Argentina. Danny liked brewing beer down south just fine, but fell in love with a Colorado girl and had to follow his heart. Matt recruited Danny to Boulder and Upslope was born. After careful brewing and testing, they pumped out the first batch of Pale Ale for public consumption in the fall of 2008. Soon thereafter, they concocted brew No. 2 their tasty IPA. Now

five beers in on the year-round line-up and another brewing facility later, they are still following Matt’s dream and tapping into Colorado’s active lifestyle by offering superior quality hand crafted ales in cans for the on-the-go beer enthusiast