Upslope $7.81 per 6-pack

Upslope Brewery, which opened in 2008, has been a popular staple of our beer department since it opened.  Opened with a love of all things Colorado, this brewery’s beers are a true testament to the Boulder scene.  Their range of beers, frequently just referred to by the number in which they were added to the brewery’s year round line up, has something for everyone! The Pale Ale (Num. 1) is dry and crisp with an unmistakable hop spice to the finish. The Craft Lager (Num. 4) is an easy drink, with lighter flavors without losing character; the perfect summer session-style beer. Their other staples include an IPA (wouldn’t be a Colorado brewery without one), a brown ale and an Imperial IPA. Their beers are available in 6-packs, 12-packs, a mix pack or in the case of the Imperial IPA, only a tall boy can.

Speaking of cans, all of Upslope beers are only available in aluminum packaging. Returning to the love of Colorado they package their beers in cans as they have less impact on the environment, keep the beer fresher and most importantly, cans are easy to take on any outdoor adventure.

With the weather finally warming up and Upslope on sale for $7.81/ 6pk and $15.62/ 12pk there is no better time to swing on by Pettyjohns and grab yourself a 6-pack or 3 to celebrate being in our wonderful state.

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