Upslope Brewing- March 2018

If your New Year’s Resolutions include drinking fantastic, local Colorado craft brews, you’re in luck because Pettyjohn’s has you covered! Our spotlight brew for the month of March is Upslope Brewing Company, with all packs on sale for savings of a dollar or more. Celebrate March with three well-balanced hop-to-malt beers, a lighter lager as well as a strong-showing, silky-smooth stout. Kicking things off with their “No. 1” beer, which indicates it was the first offering from the brewery, is the Pale Ale. It boasts a light to medium body with crisp, dry and refreshing characteristics and clocks in at 5.8% ABV. Given the light flavor profile, it pairs well with burgers, mild cheeses, as well as pasta. The “No. 2” beer produced by Upslope is the complex, malty and super-hopped IPA which weighs in at an impressive (and very drinkable) 7.2% ABV. While some feel the craft IPA market has become saturated, this beer truly distinguishes itself from the rest with a malty body and less citrus-forward flavor profile than most IPA’s. Moving on, Upslope’s Brown Ale is brewed with Patagonian and American hops, balancing a rich malty backbone with a firm hop-character. Displaying a dark brown color, medium body and aromas of coffee, roast and chocolate this 6.7% ABV beer will pair well with rich dishes and chocolate. If you’re looking for a lighter bodied premium American lager, then Upslope’s Craft Lager is for you. When poured, this lager presents a straw color with a light body and graceful 4.8% ABV, which drinks great at altitude if you’re heading to the mountains for winter fun. Finally, I would be remiss not to mention the full-bodied Oatmeal Stout from by Upslope. It offers a hearty full-body with a silky-smooth finish and wafting aromas of cocoa, fruit and caramel. This special stout is a winter limited-release so get it while you can! Whether you are discovering Upslope for the first time, or it is already a reliable favorite, we hope you stop in to try one (or all!) of the offerings from one of Boulder’s finest and most friendly breweries. Remember to add your points and keep in mind that Upslope also donates 1% of their Craft Lager proceeds to protect Colorado’s waterways via Colorado Trout Unlimited.