Telluride Brewing- September 2018

By Ben Kobi

A DOLLAR OFF or more!

This month we are bringing back a staff favorite for our spotlight brewery. Telluride Brewing Company’s beer is brewed with Rocky Mountain snow melt and it is made at an elevation of 8,750 feet. This brewery may be as true to Colorado as you can get. Pettyjohn’s is currently carrying six styles of tasty Telluride brews. Let’s begin with Russell Kelly Pale Ale. It is a classic American pale ale with a hoppy, floral taste and a piney aroma. This beer is a lighter version of their Tempter IPA. Tempter is the Epitome of a Colorado style IPA, bold but balanced. It embodies a full, deep hop flavor that will catch an avid IPA lover off guard. It has a piney aroma and goes down smooth. It has a perfect pour, leaving you the foamed glass you expect when finished. Face Down Brown has a sweeter malty body with almost a dark coffee hint to the taste. A traditional smooth brown ale with a Telluride twist.  Don’ t miss out on Bridal Veil. Open your taste buds up to the generous amount of German Rye malt combined with American hops used to create this masterpiece. Then we get to Fishwater Double IPA, don’t let the name fool you. This beer does not disappoint with its strong hoppy flavor that is played off by its malt characteristics. This is a smooth double not aggressive with an alcohol after taste. And brand new to the lineup is Greensky American lager a very traditional crisp, clean, and light lager. This is what you’d want to be drinking during these last few hot days of Boulder’s summer. It is a collaboration with Bluegrass promoting two shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on September 22 & 23. All These brews are rated between 3.60 and 3.89 on untappd and will be on special with savings of a dollar or more all September.