Summer Suds- The Wonderful World of Pilsners and Kölschs- Summer 2020

By: Zach Johnson

Summer is here masks and all. While some parts of your life might be feeling slightly out of wack and unusual to say the least, the one thing still staying normal is beer! Now as summer time rolls in we start rolling back from heavier maltier beers and moving towards lighter- more porch crusher style beers. Many go right to lagers but here at Pettyjohn’s we have shown time and time again we beat our drums a little dif- ferently. We will be showcasing the wonderful world of Pilsners and Kölschs.

The most basic way to separate beers into different styles is by yeast. The two largest groups are ales and lagers. Ales are brewed with top fermenting yeasts, typically at warmer temperatures (like IPAs). Lagers are brewed with bottom fermenting yeasts, typically at colder temperatures (like Pilsners). The Kolsch is fermented with ale yeast, but then finished in cold temperatures like a lager. The end result is a style that exhibits some of the best of both categories. So if you can’t choose between an ale and a lager, then a Kolsch might be your beer !

Kölsch originated in Cologne, Germany around 1650 but wouldn’t be called by that name until 1908. Kölschs are known for being crisp, light and slightly fruity from the use of hops to balance them out. They have a very low IBU count (International Bitterness Unit) resulting in a very little bitterness. One of the Kölsch we will be featuring is Crystal Springs Brewing Company Blood Or- ange Kölsch. It is a fantastic take on the classic style with a slight addition of fruit to give it a refreshing zing with zero sweetness.

Pilsners come from the Czech city of Pilsen where Pilsners were first produced in 1842. Josef Groll used Saaz hops when brewing to prevent his beer from becoming spoiled. To this day, pilsners are the most popular beer style in the world and the Saaz hops are what defines them. They take on characteristics of a pale ale and a lager coming together to give you something crisp with a slight zing of hop character. Pilsners in general should be less hoppy than a pale ale but more lager like in color and drinkability. Our pilsner of choice is from 4 Noses Brewing Company : The Perfect Drift Pilsner. It’s smooth easy and crushable with just a hint of piney character to it. We’ll have plenty of Pilsners to choose from. Swing in and grab a 6 pack.