Stem Ciders – July 2019

It starts with quality ingredients, and the fewer the ingredients, the closer we are to the apple. Stem uses fresh pressed full juice from whole, ripe fruit. From their first batch, made with Colorado apples, Stem is committed to working in close collaboration with growers in local communities and across the country in ways that are sustainable for their industry and environment and to promote the recultivation of heirloom cider apples. They embrace dry ciders and have many selections that will refresh your summer. Save up to $1.50 on all packages.

From Hibiscus-infused to Chile-Guava ciders, Stem nails the delicate balancing act of summertime flavors. Wanna get weirder? Try their Salted Cucumber cider for your Saturday afternoon/ Sunday morning fix. If you just want a nice poolside or Boulder Reservoir-side bevvie, stick with their traditional line-up. Their Real Dry and Off-Dry are the perfect pairing to sunburns and slacklines. If you want to be a little more hipster about it, try the Pear Cider and recite that they are pressed Bartlett pears with caramel in the bouquet. Another great choice is the refreshing Raspberry. If you don’t fall too far from the beer tree, drink the Hopped cider with Cascade and Citra hops. Cider is a fast-growing market and is putting its roots down all over Boulder County. If that doesn’t sway your branches, get all these 4 packs or their 6 can variety pack on a great sale all July. Juice it for all it’s worth!