Station 26 – August 2019

Up to $3.00 Off

My goodness it is hot. Pettyjohn’s can definitely help during these dog days of summer. Come by and find out for yourself. For starters our air-conditioning unit runs like a champ. Not to mention our walk in cooler not only keeps beer cold, but also is a great spot for customers and the occasional four-legged companion to get that core temperature down quickly. Now that you’ve cooled off we can start talking about why you are really here. To get good beer at a good price from good people who can give you good information about the products you are in search of. We have all of it right here like our spotlight brewery Station 26 from Denver.

All month we will feature these fine beers for up to $3.00 off a pack. We worked out a deal with our sales rep and got a screaming discount for all of Station 26 packages including the 303 lager. It is a bright and easy drinking golden lager and comes in at 5% ABV. And the Tangerine Cream ale with a little citrus and a little sweet this one is perfect for summer and has just the right amount of alcohol at 5.2% ABV. Their Flagship IPA Juicy Banger has
notes of apricot, papaya, and a kiss of honey. It is also a little bit higher in the ABV scale at 7.4%. American Copper is a balanced amber ale with a complex malt profile and a bright but modest hop character. This one rings in at 5.4% ABV. Also for limited release this summer give the Brut Rose IPA a try. It’s Dry and bubbly with raspberries, hibiscus, and fruity hop notes this beer is a lot of fun. Station 26 is just one of the many fine brews you can expect to see on sale this summer.

Pettyjohn’s is committed to keeping you informed on everything we can in the craft beer industry because we know it is hard to stay on top of all the new and exciting happenings.