Ska-lloween!- Oct 2017

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner and here at Pettyjohn’s we have selected the awesome beers created by Ska Brewing to spotlight for the month of October. Ska was started back in 1995 as a solution to a problem faced by the founders- they loved great beer but were not old enough to buy it. So, after a thinking session while listening to Ska music, they decided to brew their own with the goal of creating great beers that they loved. Out of that passion the irreverent style we know today as Ska Brewing was born.

                As far as selection goes, Ska really covers all of the bases. Honestly, I won’t even have enough space here to cover all of their epic beers. Whether you dig IPA’s and their citra variants or a light Mexican style lager is more your style, Ska truly delivers the goods. So, let’s kick things off by talking about Ska’s flagship IPA Modus Hoperandi (6.8% ABV). An American-style IPA, Modus Hoperandi’s flavor profile conveys pine and citrus notes in spades with the bitterness you’d expect from a Colorado IPA. Next up is Modus Mandarina (6.8% ABV), which is a citra-twist on their flagship IPA. Manderina is dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria Hops and brewed with orange peel, which imparts a burst of citrus flavor that complements the bitter and crisp nature of an IPA.

If you are an IPA fan and looking for a beer to session without compromising hop flavor, then Rudie Session IPA might be for you. However, if a darker beer is what you crave it’s tough to go wrong with Ska’s Steel Toe Milk Stout (5.5% ABV). Brewed with real milk sugar, its flavor profile is creamy and sweet in all the right ways. In the same vein, Buster Nut Brown (5.3% ABV) brings a sweet roasted matiness to create a truly drinkable brown ale. Also in the Ska line-up here at Pettyjohn’s you’ll find PinStripe Red Ale (another of their flagship beers), Pils World Craft Lager, Ska Mexican Lager and more! During the month of October you’ll find Ska six packs with savings of a dollar or more, with twelve packs marked down $2.00! Celebrate this Halloween with the bold style of Ska brewing, available here at Pettyjohn’s!