SKA Brewing May 2016

May Spotlight Brewery-  SKA

Ska Brewing Company from Durango Colorado. We Coloradans love our cans, especially when there is good liquid in those cans. Think of it, there are options galore with this portable recyclable containment device. Thank you Ska for making it easy for us to take your delicious golden elixirs pretty much anywhere we want to go. Pettyjohn’s will be featuring the Ska Brewing lineup for up to a dollar off per package. And join us for the Ska Tasting on Thursday, May 5, from 5-7pm when we taste some of these thirst quenchers.  The Modus Hoperandi IPA in its dark green encasing is filled to the lid with a strong citrus flavor followed by a dose of pine. The Modus Manderina IPA in its bright orange skin gets rid of some of the pine and is brewed with sweet orange peels in its place. Also in the IPA department Ska brings to you Rudie Session IPA beautifully wrapped in white. Rudie begins with a big fruity hop aroma of pears and watermelon candy but is low in actual bitterness. Like blondes? Ska True Blonde Ale, in a fantastic yellow dress, is a crisp blonde ale golden in color medium in body and she’s brewed with the help and the honey of Durango’s Honeyville Bees. Constricted in a bedazzling  Red yoke, Ska’s Pinstripe Red Ale is the garden of eden where hops meld delightfully with caramel malts. Enjoy your spring a little more with help from Ska and Pettyjohn’s, South Boulder’s home for Local Craft Beer lovers.
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