Sanitas Brewing- July 2017

By: Cat Youngblood

As we roll into July, the heat will rise and the beers will flow. Keep yourself cool this month with the brews of Sanitas! Coming from your own backyard here in Boulder, Sanitas believes in creating beers that provide not just refreshment, but an experience. I first fell in love with the owl on their label, but quickly realized that the old adage is true: “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” If you’re aiming for a lighter beer, their Saison won’t steer you wrong. It’s crisp and refreshing, with some tangerine and bubble-gum like Belgian yeasts in the aroma, and a taste of refreshing grassy hops. Are fruits more your style? They also make a phenomenal Citrus Lager, brewed with organic Mexican Limes and American Oranges, as well as a refreshingly sweet Cherry Saison that is crafted from balaton cherries from Michigan. Both brews are wonderfully crisp and refreshing, with some nice Belgian yeast aromas and a slight tartness. For the more daring among you, Sanitas also provides the heavier IPA and Black IPA for your enjoyment. Their IPA is a definitive Colorado IPA with ripe pineapple and dank, grassy hop undertones followed by a bold bitterness rounded out by a delicate sweetness from the malts. Their Black IPA is a dark as it sounds with aromas of fresh pine resin and grapefruit, while punchy citrus and subtle roasted malts balance out its flavor. All this July six packs are $9.19 plus tax. Whatever kind of beer you enjoy, there is something from Sanitas to keep you cool.