Left Hand Brewery June 2015

Left Hand Brewery began in 1990 as a small obsession. Co-founder Dick Doore received a homebrewing kit from his brother and the rest is history. In September 1993, Indian Peaks Brewing Company was born. Unfortunately, Indian Peaks was being used by another brewery for one of their beers. Dick and Eric Wallace, the other co-founder, decided to Left Hand @Pettyjohnsstorechange their name to Left Hand Brewing. The name Left Hand is derived from the southern Arapahoe word “Niwot,” meaning left hand. Since introducing their Nitro series of beer (Nitrogen-infused beers without a widget), Left Hand has seen enormous growth in sales and popularity. Pettyjohn’s will carry their slew of selections, all with a savings of $1.00 to $1.50 off, throughout June for your palette’s pleasure. We just started carrying the new Introvert Session IPA- a delicious, lighter take on your usual IPA. We will carry their 400 Pound Monkey English-Style IPA, which features bready malt, the Blackjack Porter with espresso and dark chocolate flavors, the Milk Stout and Milk Stout Nitro with brown sugar and vanilla cream aromas, the Polestar German-Pilsner with a light body and crisp finish, the Sawtooth and Sawtooth Nitro with its perfect balance of malt and hops, and the summer favorite Juju Ginger with organic ginger and slightly hoppy pale ale variant. Also featured will be the Mountain Mixer twelve pack with a little something for everyone. While lefties claim to live longer than right-handed people, we believe we will all live longer if we drink Left Hand’s alcohol-elixirs. Cool off this June with a six-pack or three of your favorite Left Hand selections at Pettyjohn’s. Also, Father’s Day and summer solstice are June 21st, another great coincidence to drink more beer!

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