Oskar Blues- September 2016

Oskar Blues Brewing Company and the can that started the craze, Dale’s Pale Ale. The original craft beer in a can, they led the way in a state that is constantly looking to take their Craft Beers on their next adventure. Pettyjohn’s will be featuring all of our Oskar Blues packages on sale for the month of September. Savings for you of a dollar or more on 4 packs 6 packs and 12 packs.  That means Dale’s Pale Ale with a nice hop blast and generous 6.5% abv. Like Pilsner? Take two Mama’s Yellow Pilsner and call us in the morning. It has a low abv of 5.3% and is a nice light and refreshing way to start the festivities. On the opposite spectrum is the jaw-dropping Old Chub Scotch Ale. A head turning treat for malt heads and folks who don’t think they dig dark beer. There is also Pinner IPA, very drinkable with a low abv of 4.9% you can throw back a few Pinners and not worry about tomorrow’s brunch with the in-laws. And to save the best for last there is G-Night. A hefty dry hopped Double Red IPA with a nose full of aroma a sticky mouth feel a malty middle and unctuous hop flavors with an 8.7%abv. A couple of those and you will surely have a G-Night.  It is quite the CANundrum all September at Pettyjohn’s. What Oskar Blues canned craft beer will you choose to save on?