Oskar Blues Brewing- Sept 2017

As summer gradually fades into fall this September, it’s a perfect time to enjoy a diversity of beer styles from light Pilsners to darker Porters. This moth the venerable Lyons-based Oskar Blues will be featuring as our Spotlight Brewery, and there are plenty of great beers to choose from regardless of the weather or personal preference. Known as the “Original Craft Brew in a Can” Oskar Blues began canning their flagship Dale’s Pale Ale back in 2002.

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Dale’s Pale Ale clocks in at a respectable 6.5% ABV and boasts a strong hop profile featuring citrus and floral notes. Not only is it one of the most popular pale ales amongst critics, but is also a staff favorite here a Pettyjohn’s as well. Next up, Oskar Blue’s IPA (6.43% ABV) encompasses a strong malt base created from both barley and red wheat, which supports the sweet and mouthwatering Galaxy and Topaz hops, bringing forth a flavor profile with fruit and citrus notes. For something on the lighter side, look no further than Pinner, a truly seasonable IPA with a very drinkable 4.9% ABV and light bitterness profile (35 IBU). It tropical fruit notes and variety of hops present a very pleasant nose and taste. Continuing to walk on the lighter side next brings us to Mamma’s Little Yellow Pills (5.3% ABV) constructed with 100% pale malt, unlike many mass-market pilsners which dilute with corn and rice. Gently stoked with Saaz hops, this light and refreshing beer is perfect for the waning days of summer. For a light American Wit look no further than Priscilla, a zesty light beer with a slightly tart finish (5.2% ABV). Now that the lighter beers are out of the way, this brings us the beer I’m most excited to see re-enter seasonal rotation, which is Hotbox Coffee Porter (6.4% ABV). This porter is infused with Hotbox cold-brew coffee and the malty flavors of roasted nuts, cocoa and caramel compliment the cold-brew in an exceptional way. On the stronger side, Oskar Blues also offers G’Knight, a dry hopped double-red IPA (8.7% ABV) and Old Chub, a strong Scottish ale (8% ABV) which displays a hint of smoke on the finish.  Throughout the month of September, you’ll be able to find six packs on sale for _____ plus tax. So, regardless of what the weather has to offer and your pallet begins to crave during this transitional month, Oskar Blues and Pettyjohn’s will have you covered!