Odell Brewing- Nov 2017

                It’s finally November, time to over indulge on food and drink. After you take care of the guest list, the decorations, and the food you are probably going to want something to drink. Pettyjohn’s can absolutely help you out with this. We have teamed up with Odell Brewing Company to make it a month of enjoying some of Colorado’s finest beer at great prices. With options including: 90 Shilling a medium bodied amber ale with British Crystal and Chocolate Malt, and Perle and Nugget Hops.   Want something lighter? Check out Levity Amber Ale. Maybe you seek out the hops. We got you covered with a bolder and more flavorful version of a traditional IPA, Odell’s IPA has a whopping 9 different U.S. hops.  Also Myrcenary Double IPA prevails with a tropical fruit –like flavor, a pungent floral aroma, and a clean finish. The hops don’t stop there, they rupture. The folks at Odell have built a machine to incorporate a unique fresh grind process and producing Rupture Fresh Grind Ale. It is fresh, aromatic, with a bright hoppy character. Next up is Drumroll an unfiltered American Pale Ale. It looks and tastes like pineapple, orange, mango, and grapefruit. A fruit character that is the result of a combination of current crop year hops with no fruit or juice addition needed. The 5 Barrel Pale Ale is extremely refreshing with a lively flavor and aroma.  Speaking of refreshing Easy Street Wheat is right in the neighborhood at Pettyjohn’s, light in color with a touch of citrus undertones. Desert anyone? Or breakfast, or lunch, whenever you want really. Cutthroat Porter isn’t quite a stout but, it is definitely no light weight. Smooth and robust this beer is inspired by classic London Porters. Uff Da! Now that everyone has gone home you can find yourself some Isolation.  Ale that is, one of our favorite winter warmers Odell Isolation Ale is sweet caramel malty ale balanced by a subtle crisp hop finish. Still not finished, Mixed “Montage” twelve packs are available in cans and bottles and are sure to have something for everyone, also on sale all month.  Save a dollar or more on six packs and up to two dollars on twelve packs. Also save on gas and more importantly time by shopping at Pettyjohn’s right here in Table Mesa. Go on and do it indulge have a second and third helping of everything! And have fun while you are doing it.