New Image Brewing – June 2019

New Image Brewing Company, based out of Olde Town Arvada, is a craft beer lover’s dream.  This month we are more than excited to be able to share with you the wonderful and innovative approaches to the art of beer from New Image Brewing Co. for savings of between $1.00 and $2.50 per pack!  These guys have been experimenting with ways to take classic beer styles and drawing them to new and exciting places with fascinating results.  With a definite focus on Juicy IPAs to bold brilliant sours, and plenty of things in-between, New Image Brewing Co. will certainly be able to entertain any palate. 

For those in love with the juicy east-coast style IPAs, they offer a deeply hoppy and aromatically citrusy “East Coast Transplant” double IPA.  For those looking for something a bit more experimental in the IPA department you should check out the “Coriolis Effect,” a New Zealand style IPA featuring a unique hoppy profile that has a much more complex diversity of beautiful flavor.  If you are a fan sours then you are certainly in luck, the DYAD, a sour ale blended with kombucha, packs a potently tart punch of juicy goodness.  They also have a limited time variation of this DYAD, the Cranberry Cherry Crumble, that features the addition of cranberries, cherries, vanilla, and cinnamon.  You can also find the ‘Flora,’ a sour and floral saison if you need something with a bit of a heavier body.  The “Also Paul” is a limited Double IPA that features a pungently hoppy and juicy blend of delectability, and the “Single By Choice” single hop pale ale, hoppy and flavor focused on the single hop variety used within it.  We know that if you enjoy unique and exquisite craft beer you will be thrilled to either give New Image a try for the first time or simply enjoy the savings!