New Belgium- November 2016

It doesn’t seem possible as I look out the window to see the thermometer reading 75 degrees, but fall is coming to an end and winter will be here soon. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am so excited to eat and drink my fill. Thank goodness for New Belgium being Pettyjohn’s sale beer for the month of November. With so many styles to
choose from you could find a beer pairing for every dish on the table. From the iconic Fat Tire amber ale to help wash down the turkey. Try a Sunshine Wheat or a new Citradelic IPA to go along with your tangy apple salad. Going with grilled vegetables? Give a 1554 black lager a go. After your second helping it is time for desert. I recommend either the Trippel with subtle fruity banana esters or the Abbey dubbel which brings an initial caramel sweetness. None of these beers will make your meal any better than it already is, they will however enhance certain aspects of your meal. And keep your friends and family impressed with your knowledge of beer and food pairings. It will be a lively and fun filled season for all involved, keep an eye on Uncle Phil as he tends to be a little too lively and fun filled sometimes. As an afterthought when in doubt drink what you like it’s the
holidays and they are too short to not have what you want. All New Belgium 6 packs and 12 packs will be discounted off a dollar or more for November. All of us at Pettyjohn’s are extremely Thankful for you, our customers and friends.