Liquid Mechanics Brewing – October 2019

Please welcome one of our newest additions to the Pettyjohn’s beer lineup, Liquid Mechanics! They’re based out of Lafayette and led by Davin Helden, who got the company up and on its feet in 2012. Although pretty fresh in comparison to other microbreweries in the States, they know what they’re doing when it comes to making good beer and facilitating good times at their tap house. We will be offering sales of up to $2.00 off on the full line up this October.  But what can you get your hands on at Pettyjohn’s? Well, let’s get right into what we’ve got going on!                                                                                               For a different take on a very popular type of beer, the Lucid AF (7.0% ABV) is a West-Coast style IPA that cuts back on the body of most IPAs, while pushing flavor and texture above and beyond what’s standard. The Lucid AF features a crisp, smooth body, while capitalizing on a long-lasting hoppy taste and hints of fruits and citrus. Next up, we have the Hop Nectar (5.3% ABV), an APA with a focus on New England-style brews. Staying true to its intent, it features a bright and fruity aroma, has a light haze to it, and follows through with a tropical, light, easygoing experience that’s sure to help you transition out of the scorching days of summer. My personal favorite of the bunch, the Hopacity (6.1% ABV) is a fun “mid-coast” or “both-coast” IPA, also known as a blend of West Coast and East Coast styles. With a bold combination of malt and hops, this brew comes out wonderfully light on the palate while holding a very interesting flavor spotlighting hop bitterness, apricot, and different citrus fruits. Finally, we carry the limited edition Aurous Trigon (8.5% ABV), an experimental double New England-style IPA. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. Practically opaque, the strong, weighty pineapple and papaya flavors are tamed by the incredibly smooth body profile, quenching any beer enthusiast’s thirst.  

Come on down to good ol’ PJ’s to get your hands on these exciting and wonderful new beers!