Great Divide- June 2017

The winter months are officially at an end, and June is a time with much to celebrate. Our ancient ancestors celebrated the Summer Solstice with gratefulness to the land in hopes of a bountiful harvest… and maybe a sacrifice or two. Thankfully we no longer feel the need for sacrifices and in June in Colorado we can just crack open a beer while tinkering around the garden or exploring the mountain trails. Here at Pettyjohn’s we thought it would be nice to celebrate with a long running Colorado brewery we can all be proud of as our Spotlight of the month, which is why Great Divide four, six and twelve packs will be on sale all month. If you are unfamiliar with Great Divide beers, you should know that they offer a large lineup with something for everyone. Like many Colorado breweries Great Divide added a canning line in order to compliment the outdoor activities of Coloradans, as well as a consciousness to changing old ways (of bottles only) for the greater good of the environment (i.e. easier transportation and better recyclability). In their canned series we carry: the Candemonium mixed twelve pack, Denver Pale Ale, Titan IPA, Colette Farmhouse Ale, Samurai Rice Ale and the new seasonal Grapefruit Radler called Roadie. roadieA Radler is essentially the German version of a Shandy, a mix of soda and beer that has fruit flavors, designed for the hot summer months and pounding em back (historically under 3% alcohol, Roadie is at 4.2%). For the old fashioned hop heads you will find in bottles the Titan IPA six packs and Hercules double IPA four packs. So if you are looking for a Colorado way (and a non-Pagan way) to celebrate the upcoming Summer Solstice, look no further than Pettyjohn’s. Come on in for a deal on some proud Colorado beer from a proud family owned Colorado business.