Finkel + Garf- November 2019

Ben’s Brew News- November Spotlight: Finkel & Garf                       
$2.00 Off

Is it cold enough out there for you? Well, come on in to Pettyjohn’s and warm up with some sizzling savings. For starters we will be featuring Finkel & Garf as our spotlight brewery for November. They have been around for nearly 8 years and have never stopped their passion for creating craft beer.  Starting out as a father/son duo, Finkel & Garf has stuck to its local guns and decided to support local business as best they can!  Finkel & Garf holds in their philosophy that everyone is a kid at heart and this is apparent in both their toy-crested label as well as the dynamic and playful flavors of the beers they produce, like the Red IPA, hoppy, fruity, and easy to enjoy.  Score $2.00 dollars off for a remarkable six pack of their Dry-Hopped Amber Ale.  This beer is refreshing and playful with a crisp but solid malty flavor complimented by a feint hop aroma.  If you are still on the hunt for a wonderful stout be sure to give the Oatmeal Milk Stout, a Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal winner, a try with densely rich chocolate malt flavors cushioned inside of a soothing roasted flavor. They also produce an IPA and a Lager that are both remarkable in their own right. New and exciting special release cans, will also be arriving throughout the month so be sure to keep an eye out for those.  We would like to thank Finkel & Garf for choosing to support local businesses like us and for keeping Colorado local!  We look forward to sharing in enjoying this beer with all of you this month and remember as their motto says “Play Often”!