EPIC Brewing- April 2018

Make April Epic, with help from Pettyjohn’s and EPIC Brewing. We have a great deal on all six packs and variety twelve packs to get you through the month. For $ 8.73 you can take home a six pack of Escape To Colorado IPA. This special hop- forward ale is brewed with mosaic hops. It forever commemorates Epic’s own “Escape to the East side of the Rockies. Enjoy this hoppy twist on the taste of freedom. Los Locos is a unique take on a Mexican-style lager with corn, natural lime juice and just a hint of salt. It can be yours for the price of $9.65 a six pack. Also ringing in at $9.65 per six pack is the newest release from Epic, the Rino American Pale Ale. It’s loaded with juicy, late-addition, centennial and mosaic hops with just a bit of haze to soften the mouth-feel and a bright burst of colorful tropical aromas.

Tart ‘N Juicy Sour IPA combines the clean, puckering tartness of kettle souring with an abundance of juicy, citrus-driven hops to create a beer that’s the best of both worlds, and for a price that is out of this world- $10.57 per six pack. Also in the $10.57 price range is Son of a Baptist. The flavor profile was designed to highlight the complex and often unique flavors of small batch coffees. New England Style IPA is the new craze sweeping the craft beer scene. These Juicy, Hazy, hop bombs are packed to the brim with flavor. A bit more expensive at $13.78, you are sure to enjoy if you are a fan of IPA’s. Trying to please a crowd? We have mixed twelve packs for the low price of $18.83 to make everyone happy.