Crystal Springs – April 2019

Keeping things local and intimate, Crystal Springs Brewing Company officially opened in 2010, but the owner has been passionately home brewing since 1988. The tools and skills he acquired then has carried his company to being one of the most popular breweries in Colorado. The high control and low volume brewing style the company utilizes means they have a lot of shifting styles and flavors, changing season to season, while keeping a few of the gems year-round.  A couple of our favorites are the Hudson Mid-Coast IPA and the Naughty Marilyn Belgian Style Ale. Now you might be asking yourself, “What could ‘mid-coast’ possibly mean?” Well, it’s a specific blend of East and West coast IPAs, as well as some New England-style added into it. Using the unique Nelson Sauvin hops, the Hudson comes out lightly hazy with a pungent juice punch. The Naughty Marilyn brings a hefty set to the table, brewed with a Belgian yeast strain that gives it a citrusy quality, while keeping a well-rounded flavor with slight hops and spices. A dry finish and easy drinking qualities gives it its slogan, “Watch out for Marilyn!” Be sure to come by and check out the rest of their selection, and enjoy up to $2.00 off their products! Let Crystal Springs help bring in the spring season with their impressive (and discounted!) cast of beers.