Three Thieves July/August 2015

Three Thieves  $8.99

A wine innovator, explorer, marathon runner and New York hipster meets a fifth generation west coast winemaker and restaurateur, who grew up accompanying his wine-making family to one winery after another. This may not be the most scholarly way to put this but that sounds rad. Charles Bieler, the hipster, and Joel Gott, the fifth generation winemaker, came together in 2001 to create the most interesting or maybe better put, fantastically bazaar wine team, to ever crush grapes. Together with the help of a third equally outrageous partner Roger Scommegna, whom Gott and Bieler dubbed a “serial entrepreneur, connoisseur, grape grower, and skateboard enthusiast,” they became known as The Three Thieves.

With a philosophy that the best wine the world has to offer should not be reserved for “kings,” the trio buys, grows, and produces the best possible juice from all over the world to pass on to the masses at a fair and honest price. This philosophy that has earned the trio another nickname, “the liberators of fine wine”. With an established following of other Gott and Bieler wines in our store, as well as Bieler being a former CU Buff, making the decision to feature the Three Thieves newest line of wines here at Pettyjohn’s required close to zero thought whatsoever. Not to mention the wine is every bit as good as the story behind it, if not better!

All July and August come have your mind blown by the coolest, most affordable, and overwhelmingly delicious wines we can remember ever stacking at the front of our store. From dry, crisp, and cool fermented Pinot Grigio to hearty, well-structured, fruit-driven Cabernet Sauvignon, the Three Thieves have something for everyone. First you won’t believe the price, second you won’t believe the quality!

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