In 1879, with only fifty dollars in his pocket, Giacomo Peirano, a grape farmer from Genoa, Italy, immigrated to San Francisco, California in the hopes of fulfilling the American dream of striking it rich during the historic Gold Rush. Soon realizing the days of finding a fortune in the California mines and streams were no longer in sight, he decided to take whatever he had left of his fifty dollars and move to Lodi, California. In Lodi he opened a mercantile store providing supplies to all the minors who rushed just a bit faster than he did to strike it big in California. As his business grew and Giacomo became more successful he was able to purchase three hundred acres of land where he planted the native Italian grape Primitivo an ancient ancestor of today’s Zinfandel. Giacomo Peirano’s grapes were some of the first to ever be harvested in Lodi. Legend has it that the town of Lodi was actually named after Giacomo’s famous race horse that he brought with him to the States from Lodi, Italy. Today, the Peirano Estate is still a family owned and operated vineyard with countless generations of winemaking experience. It’s very unusual for us to feature a winery focus with only red wines, but all of these hearty, lush, fruit driven reds truly need to be discovered. The four wines featured this month are rich in tradition, beautifully made, and something we are incredibly excited to share with you. Come get a taste of history with Peirano Estates on sale all month for just $9.99!

lodi peirano

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