Parducci Reds- March/April 2017

Winery Focus – Parducci Reds $9.99
The First U.S. Carbon Neutral Winery

Parducci Winery is part of the Mendocino Wine Company, a locally owned small family partnership. The  partners are Paul Dolan, and Tom, Tim and Tommy Thornhill, all committed to creating premium wines with sustainable farming practices. All of these wines were made in a manner that will allow the vineyards and environment to continue to produce an undiminished product for all future generations. What that specifically means is there is no damage to the soil, water, and eco system. They use natural pest management and minimal to no chemical usage.

If you visit, the tractors run on vegetable oil, everything is solar powered, the packaging is earth friendly (tree-free paper, chlorine-free cardboard and soy inks) and the grapes are all sourced from locally owned and operated farms. There is very little human intervention used in the winemaking practices. As one would suspect, that makes the fruit a little more vibrant with a freshness usually not seen in wines this inexpensive. I don’t think this is news to many of you, because we cannot keep these wines on the shelf.

Don’t miss these wines, even at regular pricing they’re a lot of bang for your buck!