McManis Winery- Sept/Oct 2016

It’s not exactly an earth shattering statement to verbalize the fact the California wine industry has significantly evolved over the past several decades. The days of family owned and operated wineries have in large part been replaced by massive wine groups that acquire budding wineries to create more efficient production, distribution, and of course unreal profit growth. Just this year the industry has seen cult favorites Orin Swift and Prisoner Wine Group purchased by an enormous conglomerate that will be able to produce much more wine and in turn make a huge heap of money. What can you say? The world of wine can mean big business.

It’s not always the case, but these wine conglomerates can often do away with the attention to detail that comes with a family harvesting their own fruit, land, and profits. Getting your hands dirty and feeling when a grape is ripe is a special thing, in fact in some families it’s a right of passage. In some instances a winemaker hired by a large wine group never even sees the fruit on the vine.


The McManis Family is the kind of family that prefers to get their hands dirty.  Since their inception in 1990 the McManis family has done everything themselves and their own way; refusing to be another stepping stone for a large group working towards mass production. The most impressive part of their operation is that they have kept every step of the process in the family. Justin and Tanya planted the first vines and to this day still over see the day-to-day operations. Son-in-law Dirk, manages the vineyards and assists in the winemaking process. Now on their fifth generation the McManis family has been able expand to over twenty-six hundred acres on premium northern interior California farmland where they have built a state of the art winery. With their own facilities complete with all the bells and whistles needed in today’s viticulture practices the McManis family now grows and produces just about every type of wine you could think to drink. More importantly, they do it better than most, they do it their own way, and they keep costs low.

With every sip you can taste the quality that is a direct result of this families hard work and dedication. Well-balanced, structured, with discerningly elegant fruit is what five generations of attention to detail and passion for what you do can produce. From one family owned and operated business to another, this month we honor the McManis Family. Come in and enjoy the fruits of their labor (literally) at a screaming price, On Sale all month long!