French Wine- Feb/March 2018

Winery Focus- Awesome France $9.99 or 6 for $50
by Ann Coppinger, Owner/Wine Buyer

If you think you’ve seen these labels before, you are right. We rocked with these wines about 3 years ago. The importer is a Denver native that also lives in France. While living there he became aware that his neighbors growing grapes and making wine were barely making any money. Most were just selling their wines to big negotiants because they did not have the expertise to get their wines to market.

He decided to learn the importing business and help his friends get on their feet. All was going well when his business hit a legal glitch, and the business was halted. It took a couple years to untangle the red tape, but they are finally back in the store.

From Chateau Carbonneau we have the Classique Red Bordeaux blend with the majority being Merlot. Rich, fruity, a true people-pleaser. We also have Carbonneau’s Margot, a Sauvignon Blanc from Sainte Foy, Bordeaux. If you’re sick of New Zealand’s grapefruity Sauvignons this is for you. Nice citrus, white flowers and minerals.

Domaine de la Potardiere from the Loire Valley has created a beautiful Cabernet Franc that displays round, ripe fruit with a softness that really takes care of you during cold nights. Their Muscadet is the ideal oyster wine with a complexity from the Sur Lie aging that surpasses any other we’ve carried.

The Languedoc in southern France is a region of free-thinkers, making wines that have no rules. Baronnie de Montgaillard make a white blend and red blend both delicious, and don’t miss Andre Goichot’s Pinot Noir. We’re hoping to keep these awesome wines at these awesome prices for many months, but the 6 for $50 will go away in March.