Angeline- Sept/Oct 2017

We are excited to share our new featured winery, Angeline, with all of South Boulder. With six(!) varietals, coming from California, and at a great price, this is one group of wines you won’t want to miss out on!

From their winery in the heart of Russian River Valley, in Sonoma, Angeline Winery consistently blends excellent wines annually.  Their wines offer depth and nuance, at a low price point, which isn’t always easy. This winery has done a wonderful job of rising to this hard task. Their range of wines, which now includes Rosé, continues to impress both consumers and reviewers alike.  The Sauvignon Blanc recently received 91 points from James Suckling! Their wine-making skills are further exemplified in their Pinot Noirs. Both their standard Pinot Noir and their Reserve are well under $20 and remarkable still taste like good Pinot! Rounding out the line-up are the classic Cabernet and Chardonnays. Both of these bottles are perfect example of classic California wines, with dark and jammy notes in the Cab and clean fruit accented by Oak in the Chardonnay.

It’s not often one winery does so many wines right. We are thrilled that we get to stock them all and share them with you at this great price! For $9.99, the standard tier includes the Sauvignon Blanc and is sure to satisfy any palate without breaking the budget. The Reserve tier Pinot and Cab are only $11.99 and offer much more complexity and craft than their price point would suggest. Don’t miss giving this wonderful Winery a try!