Sonoma Bros. Distilling- Mar/Apr 2020

Sonoma Brothers Distilling by Isaac Haefner

For the next two months we will be showing off the Sonoma Brothers’ Distilling line of spirits. There are 4 in total; the Gin, the Bourbon whiskey, the Vodka, and the Rye whiskey. As the name states, this operation is run by two brothers, Christopher and Brandon Matthies. In a neighborhood bursting with wineries, they decided to go against the grain and express their innovative passions making “Craft spirits”. 

The men are dedicated community members. Christopher is a Firefighter Engineer and Brandon is a local police officer. They started as a small operation always sourcing their basic grains from nearby neighbors. As the business grew, so did the local community support. We are grateful that the Matthies decided to expand their distribution to Colorado, I am a huge fan.

Their Vodka is luscious and velvety ; crafted from a mix of corn, wheat and barley. This is delicate and creamy with a distant note of light vanilla ; something that only craft vodka propagates. The Gin has a balance of a crisp juniper, bold citrus, and a small array of other spices. Their Bourbon is a great classic example of modern bourbon. It features a bright amalgamation of feint cherry, fresh oak, a bouquet of different dried fruits , and a finish of warm vanilla and toasted caramel notes. 

My favorite would have to be the Rye. Rye is not usually on anyone’s radar, but this one has something new to offer. It picks up an undertone of cooked citrus washed over with freshly cooked vanilla. In the mix you can also find a dusting of butterscotch, light baking spice, and a touch of leather to bind everything together. What initially caught my eye was this beautiful presence of fresh pecans on an autumn day. 

Please join me to taste these delicacies on every Thursday 5 to 7PM in March starting on the 12th. The introductory pricing is $5.00 Off!