Shanao Peruvian Chocolate- Nov/Dec 2019

by Li and Robin Loomis

When given the task to write about Shanao Cacao we must admit that we were more than happy to oblige, and how else to start a chocolate review than to sample the goods, you know, to refresh our buds and minds of the chocolaty delight. Well, that sample was the new blueberry flavor, WAS being the key word because we annihilated that long before these words were written. We clearly loved the blueberry, so much so that our co-worker Mikey followed suit and devoured a bar as well. The Shanao Cacao bars have minimal yet pure ingredients, all of which are vegan dark chocolate variations (plain, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, cacao nibs and salted). We fancy ourselves experienced in the world of dark chocolate, and no joke these are the best we’ve ever had and we are proud to carry them here at Pettyjohn’s.

Not only are we proud to carry Shanao Cacao for their objectively tasty products, but also because it is owned and operated by local South Boulder folks who have a righteous vision for their company/nonprofit. The cacao beans are sourced and fermented in Shanao, Peru then shipped to the production facility in Boulder with a mission to be as ethical and sustainable as possible; they have formed a cooperative with the local cacao growers and producers to retain wealth within the indigenous community, raise the quality of cacao and implement organic, biodynamic and sustainable farming practices. Shanao Cacao works on the highest of standards and should give those with environmental concerns (like us) a refreshing ease of mind. Mmmmmm, delicious with a hint of clean conscience!

$6.99 per bar