Covid-19, Making All of Us Mixologists- Summer 2020

By: J.T. Coppinger, Liquor Buyer/Manager

2020 has certainly been a learning experience for us all. We have all learned to adapt to life with dry cracking skin on our hands and masks eliminating the idea of a friendly smile. We are all experiencing a new normal. With that said, the beverage industry in Colorado started adapting to a new normal long before the Pandemic. It was only eighteen months back that at the bringing of last year that beer became readily available for purchase just about everywhere. While this topic tends to divide the masses there is one underlying benefit that is becoming more apparent by the minute- Craft Spirits and Cocktails are the next big thing!

According to the Nielson first quarter data report Spirit sales are up nearly 18% from this time last year. A huge sign that if people can’t visit their favorite bartenders while we all stay safe at home the next best thing is to try and emulate them. In lieu of this crazy time in the world I thought I’d take this opportunity to pass along some of my favorite make at home summer cocktails. All made with a base spirit from one of Colorado’s numerous craft distilleries. Happy mixing!

1) The Flatty Classic Marg
2oz. Suetre Silver Tequila (made in Mexico, born in Boulder)
1oz. Cointreau
1oz. Lime juice
Shake with ice

2) Mile High Negroni
2oz. Leopoldo Bro’s Summer Gin (Denver)
1oz. Campari
1oz. Sweet Vermouth
Shake with ice

3) 100yr Flood French 47
2oz Spirit Hound Gin (Lyons)
1tblsp. Simple Syrup
1/2oz. Lemon Juice
5oz. Brut Sparking Wine or Cava
Shake Gin, Lemon Juice, and Sugar with ice. Stain and top with the bubbles.

4) Crested Butte Colada
2.5oz Montanya High Mountain Plantino Rum (Crested Butte)
3oz. Pineapple Juice- can also sub fresh pineapple
1oz. Coco López Coconut Cream
Top with ice and mix in the blender.