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Wine Tasting Every Friday 5-7pm

New to Pettyjohns- Whitewater Hill Vineyards- Sale $16.99

Whitewater Hill Vineyards is owned by Nancy Janes and John Behrs. While living in Boulder in 1998 both left the high-tech industry for 23 acres of vineyard in the Grand Valley. “We were fascinated that you can grow classic European grapes in Colorado. And then it sort of ran away on us…”                                                   

Six years later, the husband and wife team were in the wine business, with John concentrating on grape growing and Nancy on winemaking. The operation annually produces 100 tons of ten wine grape varieties, selling 70% of its grapes to other winemakers. 

We have to give Ulla and John from Bookcliff Winery credit for our discovery. I asked if there were wines from Grand Valley that were as well-made as theirs. Nancy Janes dropped by with her wines soon after. We were Wowed! We’re hoping to WOW you all with a sampling of our favorites.

wines. All are on sale 10% or bette. Tastings will be every Friday from 5-7, and all will feature our brand new outdoor heater! Join us then!

First- 2020 Dry Rose of St. Vincent– The St. Vincent grape varietal was discovered in 1973 in a vineyard in Missouri. It was growing 100 feet from where there once had been a row of Pinot Noir. Chambourcin vines had been growing next to the Pinot noir. The official parentage of St. Vincent has yet to be established, but Whitewater does this well! This is a Bronze medal Winner, bursting with cherry and watermelon flavors with a nice crisp finish.

Second- 2020 No Oak Chardonnay– Also a Bronze Medal winner, lush, full of citrus, pineapple and apple with some minerality on the nose. Refreshing!

Third- 2020 Riesling- It always amazes me the Rieslings from Colorado closely resemble ones from Germany. The aromas of apricots, peaches and orange are the gateway to flavors of melon, pears and apricots in the mouth. This won a Gold Medal and the Colorado 2021 Governor’s Cup.

Last- 2019 Merlot– My favorite of all! Big and chewy with a spicy nose. Black cherries and warm oak greet you at first ,then dark plums, cocoa and soft tannins take you to the finish. I’m in love. 

If you’re traveling west, the Whitewater Hill Vineyards tasting room is open year-round at 220 32 Road on Orchard Mesa (Grand Junction). 

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