Malbec Madness Video #4

Malbec Madness is back and it’s our last week of crowning Boulder’s best Malbec! This week Kas dishes out her wine expertise. Buy this week’s wines, watch the video, and vote for the favorite. If you do a grape job each week, pick all the right winners, and are in the top 3, you’ll win Malbec at the end of this month! You can get this week’s four tasting wines for $90. It’s MADNESS!

Wine Tasting Video + VOTE

April 2, 2021 In-home Wine Tasting #20 
**Buy all 4 for $90**
Our Fourth Malbec Madness Tasting of 2021

1. 2018 Ricardo Santos – Reg. $19.99 Sale $17.99  

2. 2018 Finca ambrosia Luna Llena –  Reg. $19.99 Sale $18.99

3. Caymus Red Schooner “Voyage 7”- Reg. $53.99 Sale $45.99

4. 2017 Chateau Haut Monplaisir- Reg $23.99 Sale $18.99

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