It’s Malbec Madness! Final week

Over a week has passed since the tragic event that unfolded in the shopping center and our home. We apologize for skipping last week’s tasting but we all needed time to process the tragedy and be present for our community. Now we’re back and ready to move forward with you all. Let’s continue to be there for each other, and continue long after. So, without further ado…

All month (and a little of April) we roll back the displays in the front of the store and build the “Malbec boat”! Malbec is a grape varietal that was originally grown in Bordeaux and southwest France. This grape is prone to diseases, frost damage, and rot, and was deemed more problems than it was worth. After a huge frost in 1956, Malbec was replaced in most French vineyards.

The Cahors region of France remains the area where Malbec is a primary grape. In 1868, Professor Pouet introduced cuttings of Cabernet, Merlot, and Malbec to Argentina. The hot climate and the irrigation help this grape varietal ripen fully to create rich, inky, complex wines with smooth tannins. Malbec compliments the beefy cuisine of South America, and flourishes in the high altitude of the Andes. Today there is over 25,000 acres of Malbec planted in Argentina, and Malbec is the third most planted grape in Chile.

We started tasting new Malbecs in January, and there will be some awesome deals on newcomers, previous discoveries, and a wide selection. Every Friday everyone will vote on the Malbec they think is the favorite. At the end of the month, the top three tasters that came up with the best Malbec of 2021, will wine a bottle. Join the madness. Get this week’s four tasting wines for $90. Tomorrow we’ll send you the week 4 Malbec Madness tasting video and you can then vote.

April 2, 2021 In-home Wine Tasting #20   **Buy all 4 for $90**

Our Fourth Malbec Madness Tasting of 2021

1. 2018 Ricardo Santos – Reg. $19.99 Sale $17.99  

2. 2018 Finca ambrosia Luna Llena –  Reg.  $19.99 Sale $18.99 

3. Caymus Red Schooner “Voyage 7”-  Reg. $53.99 Sale $45.99

4. 2017 Chateau Haut Monplaisir-  Reg $23.99 Sale $18.99

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