Wine Tastings Notes- Ann Talks Turkey

This is our last tasting before Thanksgiving so Ann has chosen four versatile wines that are perfect for turkey and all the fixins. For this week’s tasting, buy all 4 of this week’s wines for $75 (Applied at checkout). On Friday we’ll send you the video link for the Friday night tasting. Get settled in wherever, relax, click play, and let the Friday night tasting event commence! Hooray!

November 20, 2020 In-home Wine Tasting #7- Buy all 4 bottles for $75

1. Château Nestuby Roxane Rosé 2019, Provence, France- Reg. $18.99 Sale $15.99

2. Latour Pouilly Fuissé 2018, Burgundy, France-  Reg. $32.99 Sale $27.99

3. Domenico Clerico Dolcetto 2018, Piedmont, Italy- Reg. $22.49 Sale $16.99 

4. Calera Pinot Noir 2017, Central Coast, CA- Reg. $29.99 Sale $18.99

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Thursday, November 19th- It’s Magical Beaujolais Nouveau time!
It started in the Beaujolais region of France to commemorate the end of harvest. A nouveau wine meaning “new” wine that’s quick-fermented from the region’s traditional Gamay grape. The more conservative would say it’s produced to exemplify the character of the vintage. In reality, this French treat is really a reason to party, they refer to it as “gulping wine”. Served chilled in pitchers in bistros and cafes all over Paris, this wine signifies the beginning of the holiday season.

Traditionally, Beaujolais Nouveau is bottled six-to-eight weeks after harvest. By French law it cannot be released until 12:01 a.m. on the third Thursday of November. That’s when over a million cases of Nouveau wine begins the trek to Paris. Immediately, it is shipped by planes and trains to all parts of the world. All hand-harvested and quick-fermented, over 65 million bottles will be ready for the holiday festivities.

The fresh, grapey traits of this wine make it appealing to all tastes and light foods. Many plan on it for their Thanksgiving table.

Pettyjohn’s will receive their shipment that morning, so we can sport our berets and celebrate that night. We may not be able to sip Nouveau in the glow of the Eiffel Tower, but we can definitely party in the glow of our Flagstaff Star

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