Virtual Wine Tasting!

We are pleased to announce that our Friday night wine tastings are back! It wouldn’t be 2020 without some twist on things old and familiar though… Now we will send your Friday night wine lineup and worksheet before Friday so you can come in and grab them before then. Buy all 4 of this week’s wines for $55 (4 bucks off ON TOP of their sale prices). On Friday we’ll send you the video link for Ann’s Friday night tasting (this email). Get settled in wherever, relax, click play, and let the Friday night tasting event commence! Hooray!

October 9, 2020 In-home Wine Tasting

1. Cuvée Ann Rosé of Malbec 2019, Mendoza, Argentina- Reg. $14.99 Sale $11.99

2. Margerum M5 White 2018, Los Olivos, California- Reg. $18.99 Sale $15.99

3. Patamar Reserva, 2015, Lisboa, Portugal- Reg. $15.99 Sale $13.99

4. Tinto Rey Super Tinto 2016, Zamora, California- Reg. $19.99 Sale $16.99

Get Your Tasting Worksheet

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Be sure to sink your teeth into our Halloween deals in the themed display when you come in. Witch one will you try?

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