Brews with Gusto for Augusto

Finkel + Garf Keller Pils

A Dry Hopped Keller Pils brewed right in Boulder, CO to celebrate Finkel + Garf’s Anniversary. Hoppy Anniversary to them!

Fremont Disco Wolf Double IPA

Disco Wolf is brewed for the party animal that won’t let the party stop. This fruit forward double IPA is brewed to be dangerously approachable with a moderately bitter bite. Down & Dirty:  2-Row Pale, Malted Oats, White Wheat, and Dextrose with Strata, Idaho-7 Cryo, and Citra Cryo hops.

La Cumbre Full Nelson IPA

To call Nelson Sauvin an aggressive hop would be a vast understatement. What would happen if you made a DIPA that featured this hop??? Over 10 lbs./bbl of hops went into this gem of a DIPA. A ridiculous level of hop aroma, followed by a hop flavor that is literally juicy in texture. The bitterness is undefinable, just unreal. If our Elevated IPA is on the hoppy side of the aisle for you, stay away. If you drink that beer and think to yourself in Homer Simpsonʼs voice, “Thatʼs kinda hoppy… I guess…”prepare to meet your match. This beer is gonna put the beat down. Will you tap out before you finish the pint?

Breakside Rainbows + Unicorns IPA

A session IPA originally made for the Oregon Brewers Fest; brewed with flaked rice to create as light bodied a beer as possible with juicy, tropical, and fruity hop flavors, alongside notes of peach, honeydew, apricot and pineapple. Tropical summery goodness. You are all in for a magical ride!

Ghostfish Brewing (Grapefruit + Belgian)

Are all your beers gluten-free? Yes! No gluten-containing ingredients are permitted into our production facility, and every single ingredient in every single one of our beers is naturally gluten-free. Any ingredient that is not produced in a dedicated facility is tested and certified gluten-free.Our taproom kitchen is also 100% gluten-free. No gluten-containing ingredients ever come into contact with any of our kitchen equipment.

Upland Brewing Fruited Sour- Only 9.99!

With the expertise of brewing a traditional Belgian Witbier as our flagship for over 20 years, we decided to seek some new terrain with this barrel-aged fruited sour ale. While it contains subtle elements of our iconic Wheat Ale, like the additions of coriander and orange zest, it packs a punch full of new flavors and complexity from the 12 months barrel aging in oak barrels and the addition of Chamomile. RIND is the fruit of our labor, born from our dedication to tradition and innovation.

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