15% OFF + Cinco Specials

Kas’ Bartending Hour @Home –Mini Derby Party + Mint Juleps!
Celebrate The… SPIRIT of the Kentucky Derby on May 2nd!

Bourbon “AMERICA’S NATIVE SPIRIT”Bourbon was coined “America’s Native Spirit” by Congress in 1964. In order for a whiskey to be called bourbon, Congress declared that it must meet four requirements:

• Must be made with a grain mixture of at least 51% corn
• Must be aged a minimum of 2 years
• Must be aged in new charred American white oak barrels
• Must be made in the USA

Bourbon has been distilled since the 1800’s and has some very unique flavors. The most prominent flavor is oak coming from the aging process in the charred oak barrels; this is also where it gets its deep amber color. Other tasting notes to look for in your bourbon are caramel, vanilla, toffee, tobacco, burnt sugar, dried citrus, orange peel and candied almonds. Bourbons can be hot and intense, Booker’s is an example of this, or they can be smooth and creamy like Four Roses single barrel.

Where the name bourbon comes from is wildly debated down south. Some people believe it gets its name from Bourbon Street where bourbon was a cheaper alternative to French Cognacs for sailors who made port there. Others believe it hails from Bourbon County, Kentucky where 95% off all bourbon is produced. I’d go with the latter. One thing that’s not debatable is a bottle can’t say bourbon if it’s not made in the USA.

Every Bourbon we sell this weekend will include a dice game simulating the Kentucky Derby with directions and Kas’ Mint Julep recipe.

Mention this email by phone or when you order online and receive 15% off any Bourbon from May 1, 2020 through May 10, 2020.
***Sale items excluded***

Cinco de Mayo Specials

Espolon – all types Sale $22.95
Hornitos- all types Sale $34.95- 1.75 ltr
Sale $19.95- 750 ml
Suerte- Anejo Sale $49.95
Reposado Sale $32.95
Blanco Sale $29.95
Cuervo Sale $29.95- 1.75 ml
Sale $17.95- 750 ml
SKA Mexican Lager Sale $8.99 – 6-pk

Order online and pickup within the hour! Please bear with us as we roll this out.

Our hours are Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM, Sun 10AM-6PM
All tastings are postponed.
Please order online or call 303-499-BEER with your order and a credit card if you experience difficulties.

We will keep you updated with future changes. Thank you, stay safe!

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