Get to know your foam!

“It’s all about the beer. We take great pride in the pioneering advances we’ve made in developing innovative beer styles and brewing techniques. From the intensive study of hopping techniques to the comprehensive analysis of historic beer styles, we’ve identified the optimal assemblage of beer characteristics in each of our handcrafted brands.

When we’re making a beer that requires a little extra hoppy-ness, we turn to our infamous Hop Back. Here, the wort is strained through a bed of whole-flower hops. This adds the fresh, lively hop character you’ve come to enjoy in Odell IPA, Drumroll, Myercenary, and Mountain Standard.”

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2020 Newsletter

Which hops are in which beer? What’s the difference between a pils and a lager? Why is 90 shilling called 90 shilling? Why is there an elephant on the IPA? Which awesome beer will Austin pour and taste?!?!?! Answers tonight from 5-7pm!

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