Hard Cider. Harder Decision.

“Colin Schilling wants people to stop drinking Angry Orchard hard cider. He’d also love it if everyone refrained from imbibing Woodchuck, Smith & Forge and Johnny Appleseed. Mass-market ciders, he explains, come from the same behemoth conglomerates that make the likes of Budweiser and Coors. ‘They are on my personal ‘Do Not Drink’ list,” he says, “and we do not sell them here.’

His Fremont pub, Schilling Cider House, is already busy at 3:30 on a Wednesday. Everyone present is helping Schilling realize his dream, just by showing up and drinking – there are 32 ciders on tap, more in one place than anywhere else in the country. A happy din indicates that these cider fans, some of whom might have left their Fremont tech jobs early, have their priorities straight.” -Seattle Times

Toy around with the thought of sampling these from 5-7pm tonight at Pettyjohn’s!

50th Anniversary Events

Nov.15th- Taste The Arsonist and more of our 90+ point wines
 Nov.16th- Taste our Humane Society wines. Every bottle sold will donate $1.00

 Holiday Newsletter

Rosé Vacay

A vacation where the rosé keeps on flowing. Dear Vacay-tioners, this rosé cider is dry, floral, and bubbly. Fresh-pressed apple juice is infused with rose petals to create a sophisticated taste, so pinkies up! Enjoy this cider wherever you fancy, because it’s free of added sugar and artificial flavors. 

Passport Pineapple Passionfruit

Poured an almost neon yellow color, very bright, very vibrant color, no real head here. Aroma was straight up pineapple and passion fruit. Lots of juice here. Flavor was pineapple and passion fruit, light apple? Sweet, with a little tartness.

Grapefruit and Chill    

Light, pale golden appearance with a small fizzy head. Aroma of apple cider, mild grapefruit and light lemon zest. Similar flavor, adding mild sweetness and minimal bitterness. Light bodied with a crisp feel and a refreshing finish. Good.


Dear Earthlings, Schilling Cider has been on a lifelong quest to launch a revolutionary cider. Today, we introduce you to Excelsior, the highest ABV 6 pack cider in the Nation. We have created an out-of-this-world treat that is complex, tart, semi sweet, bubbly, and (dare we say) CRUSHABLE. It’s an Imperial apple cider that combines old world cider techniques with new world innovation. We start with WA-grown fresh-pressed apples, add heirloom cider fruit from France and the UK, then ferment with a hand-selected yeast strain. The result? The best cider in the Galaxy.

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