New Tastes, New Faves?

Tonight we taste four eclectic brews that will tickle your tastebuds and leave you parched for crazier concoctions. In keeping with our tradition of finding new and exciting brews, try a kettle sour, a wooded collaboration, a Brut IPA, and an experimental Odell brew that is now a shining star. Join us tonight from 5-7 and every Thursday for our Thirsty Thursdays!


 thirsty thursday 2
Upslope Blackberry Lemon Kettle Sour Ale 
Tart lemony citrus aroma with notes of blackberry, thyme and lacto. Pours brilliant dark ruby colored with a thin white head that has no retention or lacing. Starts with sweet blackberry and thyme flavors as well as having a lively mouthfeel. Finishes dry and crisp with puckering sour lemon citrus and some lacto flavors.
Upslope and Cigar City Bamburana
Bamburana is the co-creation of two giant craft beer personalities – Oskar Blues Brewery’s Head of Brewing Operations, Tim Matthews, and Cigar City Brewing’s Brewmaster Wayne Wambles. Their goal was to craft a brew that would marry the flavors of double-barrel aged imperial stout and Amburana wood. Amburana wood is an indigenous South American wood that imparts unique warm and savory flavors and aroma.
Ska Moral Panic Brut IPA
Huge tropical hop aromatics with an exceptionally dry finish. A wealth of Galaxy and Citra hops added post-boil give this Brut IPA low actual bitterness and big tropical flavor. Fruity and citrus notes abound in this smooth and refreshing, Champagne-like brew. Moral Panic Brut IPA is well carbonated and spritz; drinks easy and finished dry.
Odell Wolf Picker IPA
Know your Hop Farmer. That’s what we believe. Wolf Picker, named after the classic hop harvesting rig, celebrates our decades-long relationships with hop farmers, and our obsession with new talent in the world of experimental hops. This year, we’re featuring the newcomer known as Strata which brings notes of grapefruit, peach and mango to an IPA unlike anything we’ve released.

See you Thursday!

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