Taste Our Spotlight Brewery Tonight

“Because Crystal Springs Brewing Company brews in small batches, we can adjust, change, adapt, and create beers more easily than the big brewers can. The downside is that our beers are only available locally and in limited quantities. We will be producing mostly seasonal beers – one or two will be produced year round. I am confident that you will enjoy our beers and always look forward to the next. Check out the thirteen beers we have on tap in our Louisville taproom.”
Join us this Thirsty Thursday from 5-7pm and enjoy four beers from our July Spotlight Brewery- on sale all month long. Put a Crystal ‘Spring’ in your step and head down to Pettyjohn’s tonight!


thirsty thursday 2
Blood-Orange-Kolsch-12-oz-can-for-marketing-page-001-without-upc-1-1024x619Naughty Marilyn 12 oz can2018-Updated-Thirteen-12-oz-can-for-marketing-cropped-2-1-1024x623Summertime 12 oz can

See you Thursday!

pettyjohns boulder

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