Zut Alors! A certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ c’est soir

The 60’s are over, so get back into your winter groove and warm up with some nice wines by the fire. Pettyjohn’s will supply you with four Frenchy featured samples that will relax you into the weekend like only good wine does. Grab a friend, grab a partner, grab a 21+ stranger, grab berets, and join us as we kick off another year of wine tastings with your favorite (hopefully) neighborhood wine shop.  See you tonight!




Charlie pouringwinter

Chateau Carbonneau Margot- Reg. $12.99 SALE $9.99
First up this week we have the Chateau Carbonneau Margot, from our “Featured Wine” display! This 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux is quite the wine for this price! Intensely floral on the nose, with fruit notes of grapefruit and stone fruit, this wine screams Sauvignon Blanc. On the palate the wine is creamy and with lots of fruit (not sweetness) and a clean, dry finish. An easy wine to recommend, it’ll pair well with a variety of foods, such as pork, seafood, or most vegetarian dishes. Don’t miss trying it while we have it open!
Baronnie de Montgaillard White- Reg. $12.99 SALE $9.99
Up next we have the Baronnie de Montgaillard White, another wine from our “Featured Wine” display! Another White Bordeaux, this one is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, the tradition white-blend out of Bordeaux. On the nose, this wine has lots of mineral notes, complimented by grapefruit and lemon notes. The palate mirrors the nose while introducing floral tones and a crisp, refreshing, finish. Another wine with fantastic value, don’t miss your chance to try this one out!

Domaine de la Potardière Cabernet Franc- Reg. $12.99 SALE $9.99

Third up for the night we have the Cabernet Franc from Domaine de la Potardière. This Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley is a beautiful red. On the nose the wine shows deep fruit characteristics along with woody and spice notes. On the palate the wine is rich and fruity, with balanced tannins and lots of minerals. The wine closes with a dry finish and a touch of vegetable spice. Another wine from our “Featured Wine” display, we can’t wait to share this one with you as well!
Chateau Carbonneau “Classique”- Reg. $12.99 SALE $9.99
For the last wine of the night we return to Chateau Carbonneau with their “Classique,” a red blend from Bordeaux, also located in our “Featured Wine” display. (Notice the trend?) This wine has a strong and fruity nose, with noticeable smells of Strawberry and cherry. On the palate the wine is rich and velvety, carrying the fruit from the nose and backing it up with notes of plum and spices. The finish is dry and balanced, not overly aggressive as some Bordeaux can be. Another wine we don’t think you should miss, make sure to stop by tonight!
See you tonight!

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