Mama Bear Brew / Longmont Lagers

We hope your Christmas festivities went splendidly and invite you to taste two of our newest breweries- Mama Bear’s and Wibby’s.

“While visiting our son in Brazil, our family enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Rio. At the end of each day, we strolled through the streets of Leblon looking for our favorite cafe. One late afternoon, I thought an iced tea might perk me up, but to my surprise, Brazilian tea is quite sweet. Serendipitously, I threw some beer in my glass of tea and Voila! Mama Bear’s Brew was born.”

“At Wibby Brewing we start with traditional German lager brewing principles and add the American craft twist. Our craft lagers are brewed with German malt, American hops and Rocky Mountain water. Cold fermentation and enhanced conditioning allow for our lagers to be full-flavored with a crisp finish. The tasteful result is a collection of unique American lagers that few breweries in the craft beer community have chosen to explore.”

Join us as Robin pours four splendid samples from 5-7pm.

Mama Bear Tea Beer

Mama Bear’s Brew is a simple blend of wheat ale and sweet black tea. The body of this ale has been aptly bolstered to compliment the light sweetness and aroma of this finely blended black tea, creating a flavor that is creamy with a tinge of honey.  It is a unique and refreshing combination that goes down smoothly. We just keep asking ourselves, is it beer or is it tea?

Mama Bear Poma Packin’

Poma Packin’ uses a bolstered wheat ale with a neutral palette and blends it with the rich flavors of black tea and hints of nature’s favorite antioxidants, pomegranate and acai berry. The fruitiness of the berries complement the spice and richness of the black tea to provide the ideal counterbalance of tart and sweet. Poma Packin’ is a light and refreshing offering from Mama Bear’s Brew that tastes good anytime, anywhere.

Wibby IPL

A hop head red lager with a smooth, malt finish & a pungent, citrusy hop aroma. Wibby’s smoother version of your favorite IPA.
Beer Advocate gave the Wibby IPL a 93.

Wibby Dunkel

ABV 5.5%   IBU 25
Supple & crisp, this delectable dark lager has a medium body which starts with a chocolate roast and ends with ordering it again

See you Thursday!

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