Savory Solstice Suds

The Post has taken over the old Shine spot just north of Pearl and we are huge fans. While we don’t have any chicken, these four brews still pair well with thirst.


“The Post Brewing Company brews beers that are gosh darn delicious, memorable, and something you will want to put in your mouth repeatedly. Our beers have been purposefully designed to pair perfectly with your meal. Our kitchen, run by Chef Brett “Smitty” Smith, serves you delicious comfort food cooked with the love of your grandma and the skill of passionately trained chefs that is meant to be shared like a family supper. Pull up a chair, order some vittles and get after it!”

Join us this winter solstice as Robin pours four award-winning brews from 5-7pm.

Top Rope Mexican Lager

Brewed with refreshment in mind, Top Rope Mexican-style Lager flips into the ring with a crisp malt flavor and an herbal hop aroma. Top Rope finishes with a clean three count, squashing thirst and leading into the next match-up. Unmasked with nothing to hide, Top Rope will unleash your inner luchador.

Zippy Premium American Ale

Inspired by the great canned ales of the American Northeast, Ol’ Zippy features a crisp malt flavor and a snappy hop aroma. The hop zing carries through the flavor as the beer comes to a clean finish with a pleasant, subtle sweetness derived from flaked maize. This is truly a premium American ale.

Howdy All-American Pilsener

There’s no gesture friendlier than greeting someone with a “howdy” and a delicious All-American Pilsener. With Howdy Beer, we’ve taken the notion of the American Pilsener and have refreshed and renewed it as a gloriously drinkable celebration of our unique American brewing heritage and amazing American ingredients. This smooth, drinkable pils features a lovely American hop flavor and aroma which gives way to a delicate malt flavor that finishes crisp and clean.

Townie Hoppy American Ale

Uptown, downtown, eastside, westside; we’re all townies and we all need a beer when we meet. Townie Ale is that beer. Brewed to 6.2% ABV with American Malt and loads of American hops, Townie balances the rough and the smooth with an attitude that is never out of place. This beer delivers an amazing, complex hop aroma and flavor with a smooth malt backbone that will leave you wanting more.

See you Thursday!

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