Grandiose Grenache @ Carelli’s

The sun is out, the weather is perfect,
This Friday’s wine tasting is totally worth it.
Free samples for all who are 21 plus,

(The cops can find other places to bust).

This evening we’ll have four wines to swallow,
And only one Facebook page ever to follow.
So bring your friends and invite your foes.

So this Friday you may become besties and bros.

©Ben Tremper All Rights Reserved.  Usage to Greg Carelli, NO THIRD PARTY USAGE ALLOWED.
by Ann Coppinger- On Thursday night, November 16th we will be tasting wines made with the Grenache grape varietal. I have wanted to do this tasting for years because I think many people are enjoying this versatile grape without knowing it.
Grenache is one of the most widely planted grapes in the world. It needs a hot and dry climate and ripens late. It most likely originated in Spain, where the conditions are perfect and some of the vines are very old. Generally spicy and soft on the palate with red fruits of raspberry and strawberry and a subtle white pepper note, this varietal is a people-pleaser. Grenache is also a perfect blending grape, typically with Syrah, Carignan, Tempranillo and Cinsault.
You may be thinking, “I’ve never had a Grenache”. Have you ever had a: Chateauneuf du Pape, an Australian GSM, a Cotes du Rhone, a Sardinian Cannonau, a Rioja, a Spanish Garnacha, a Tavel or Rhone Rosé, or Australian port? Yes, you’ve been drinking Grenache.
Come learn more about this grape, learn how terroir and wine making practices affects the flavors, and have some delicious Carelli’s pizzas, salads and appetizers. Space is limited, and it’s $35 per person. Call 303-499-BEER(2337) to reserve a seat.
Charlie pouring fall


Ferrari Carano Fumé Blanc- Reg. $14.99 SALE $12.99
First up this week we have the Ferrari Carano Fumé Blanc. This Fumé Blanc is a delicious wine with aromas and flavors of yellow peach, pear, quince, Meyer lemon, mango and fruit cocktail. This wine has bright acidity and crisp freshness from the cool, stainless steel tank fermentation, while the subtle oak character from barrel aging adds body, complexity and depth. A long-time favorite around Pettyjohn’s, when we heard we could get a sale this good we figured everyone should try it! Don’t miss your chance while we have it open!
Chateau Sainte Eulalie Rosé- Reg. $14.99 SALE $12.99
Second up for the night we have Chateau Sainte Eulalie’s Rosé! Coming from the Languedoc region, this rosé is a beautiful example of wine from that region. A slightly deeper pink than many rosés we have had this Summer, this wine has strong notes of red fruit and flowers, back by minerals, on the nose. On the palate this wine is clean in its delivery of fruit and acidity, balancing the two to be both refreshing while still very dry on the finish. Rosé season is still in full-swing so don’t miss out on trying another great one!

Poggio Vignoso Chianti- Reg. $13.99 SALE  $10.99
Third up for the evening we have another store favorite, The Poggio Vignoso Chianti. An excellent wine at this price point, and organic to boot, this is a perfect wine to enjoy all Fall. An exceptionally food-friendly wine that can be enjoyed with virtually anything it’s a perfect wine to stock up on. On the palate this Chianti is surprisingly firm and admirably balanced with intense dried cherries and floral notes. On the finish the wine is dry but not aggressive and lingers just enough to accent anything paired with it. With such consistent quality, and again, it’s organic, it is no surprise that this is one of our best sellers!
Chateau Carbonneau Sequoia- Reg. $12.99 SALE $10.99
Last up for the night, we have the Chateau Carbonneau Sequoia, our latest addition to our inexpensive Bordeaux section. An elegant garnet color. The nose is complex, made of red fruit, highlighted by fresh spices and clove. It is a fleshy wine with smooth tannins. The long palate is underlined by black fruit with a hint of toast. We don’t like to bring in new products during October with Inventory counting and the like but we couldn’t help ourselves when we tasted this wine. Don’t miss your chance to try it while we have it open and on sale!



See you tonight!

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