DuranGO get Some Sale Beer!

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner and here at Pettyjohn’s we have selected the awesome beers created by Ska Brewing to spotlight for the month of October. Ska was started back in 1995 as a solution to a problem faced by the founders- they loved great beer but were not old enough to buy it. So, after a thinking session while listening to Ska music, they decided to brew their own with the goal of creating great beers that they loved. Out of that passion the irreverent style we know today as Ska Brewing was born. Try some SKAwesome brews tonight with Robin from 5-7!


thirsty thursday
True Blonde Ale
Like golden waves of yeast crashing on a golden beach of golden sand with golden taps spewing golden beer that’s smooth as gold. A Crisp Blonde Ale. Golden in color, medium in body-she’s brewed with the help and the honey of Durango’s Honeyville™ bees.
Rudie Session IPA
A brew you can drink for breakfast. A beer to reward yourself with after a hard day’s work. or if your hard day’s work is mowing the lawn, consider drinking on the job.
Steel Toe Milk Stout
It’s as though a cow stared into the face of God and as God told it the meaning of life we grabbed its udders and squeezed out a bucket. This traditional English Cream Stout is brewed with actual milk sugar to create a creamy and sweet brew. Jet-black in color, the latte frothy head will make you mooo for more.
Pink Vapor Stew
A tropical medley of citrus, sour and tart flavors blended together originally for our 21st Anniversary party. Citra and Belma hops combine with beets, carrots, ginger and apples turning this brew into a pink vapor stew! Available in cans year-round

See you Thursday!

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