Brewer rating: 100/100 11,979 ratings

“Crooked Stave Artisans is a brewery focused on Belgian sour beers with a cult-like following in Denver and beyond. Launched in 2011 in Fort Collins, the company’s wine-forward, barrel-aged beers were first brewed onsite at Funkwerks. A year later, Crooked Stave relocated to its barrel-house in Denver and brewed at nearby Prost Brewing. Finally, Crooked Stave will have a real home to brew at The Source in a 20-barrel brewhouse.”
These brews come highly praised from staff and customers and are now available in 4 and 6 packs. Try them for the first or tenth time with Nico from 5-7pm.
thirsty thursday
“Making sour beer is a risky and specialized form of beer brewing, and longstanding breweries which produce it and other lambics often specialize in this and other Belgian-style beers. Established in 1836, one of the oldest breweries still in operation that produces sour beer is the Rodenbach Brewery of Roeselare, Belgium. Today sour beer has spread outside Belgium to include other European breweries and some in the United States.” -Wikipedia
“Deceptively light, dry and hoppy, the imperial IPA that focuses on sharp bitterness and tangy fruit brings down the house with a wallop of hops that’s west coat bitter and is enough to make the tongue sweat.”
      -BeerAdvocate review


See you Thursday!

pettyjohns boulder

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