Featured Chardonnay- Milton Park

This month’s featured Chardonnay is a new arrival to our store, and it comes at a perfect time as we close out the summer! We are excited to get to share Milton Park, from Australia with South Boulder over the next months!

Milton Park houses the Thorn-Clarke winery in South Australia, which has been owned and run by the Clarke family. The Clarke family has a long history (six generations) in both Winemaking and Grape growing, which certainly shows up in their wines. The Milton Park Chardonnay is made from grapes sourced from their own vineyards and other select vineyard sites in South Australia which helps to keep the wine consistent between vintages.


The Milton Park Chardonnay is a bottle that is hard not to fall in love with. The wine, on the nose, is full of ripe peaches and bright notes of pineapple and other tropical fruits, with just a hint of melon. The palate mirrors the nose, with intense peach and pineapple flavors up front before being balanced pleasantly by a soft and creamy middle. The finish is dry with a clean acidity and a lingering finish that will help it pair well with foods.

An excellent wine to have around as we close out the summer, don’t miss uncorking (or unscrewing) this bottle while we have it featured! A perfect wine for any occasion, at only $9.99 we think this is another great bottle to add to the wine racks!

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