“Odd13 is a brewery located at 301 East Simpson Street in old-town Lafayette, Colorado. It was founded by Kristin and Ryan Scott, with the help of understanding family members. Why the name Odd13? Kristin grew up in area code 513 and Ryan grew up in 313.

Since early 2015, all of [their] beers have been fermented with White Labs Clarity Ferm. Among other things, Clarity Ferm has the effect of reducing the gluten content of beers.

[Their] motives for reducing the gluten content in our beers are perhaps a little selfish. In late 2014, Kristin (one of the owners of Odd13) was advised by a doctor to pursue a low FODMAP diet because of persistent stomach pain. She’s not celiac [sic], but it turns out that gluten is one of the many foods that upset her stomach.

If Kristin gave up beer, Ryan (her husband and co-owner) would be broken hearted, so he immediately started thinking about how to solve the problem. Luckily he had heard of Clarity Ferm through a variety of channels in the several years previous. After one small-scale experiment, Odd13 went for it and brewed a full 10 barrels of Mama Koliakos.”

Join us tonight from 5-7pm for some Odd brews with Robin and most likely an Odd rep.

Limelight Libations- Staff Picks


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See you Thursday!

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